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Save water by collecting rainwater using a waterbutt to water your plants or wash your car.

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Richard Hargreaves

Energy Efficiency Manager

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We're committed to helping our residents live in greener more energy efficient homes to help the environment, tackle rising energy bills and make homes warmer and more comfortable. We've already improved hundreds of homes across Salford, helped residents use energy more efficiently and been selected by the Government to pilot their energy efficiency initiative The Green Deal.

So, we've brought all ours and our partners' green knowledge together to share loads of useful information, tips and advice on how you can live that little bit greener, help the environment and importantly, make your home cheaper and more efficient to run.

Start by watching our entertaining and informative ‘Energy House' film, keep up to date with the latest green news and developments with the Green Deal, request a free home energy visit, or simply get up to speed with our green hints and tips.